Homemade shumai dumplings

It never fails that when I become infatuated with a food the stores are bound to quit selling them.  My recent letdown has been from Trader Joe’s who stopped doing their vegetarian/edamame shumai.  I loved these little things but all good things must come to an end, even if they continue making their pork and chicken versions!

Well, thanks to Maki over at JustBento, I found an awesome recipe for vegan shumai dumplings.  She made them look so easy to make and all the ingredients were easily found at the asian market, so I decided to give it a go.  You can find the recipe on her site here.

I took her advice and got all my ingredients together and sat in the living room making them on the coffee table.  Forming them took a bit of time to get right, but once I had the technique down it took me no time to make a total of 20 dumplings.

Once I was done forming the dumplings, I opted for the pan fry/steam method of cooking them.  I added oil to the bottom of the frying pan to heat, then added my shumai.  I let them fry on the bottom for about 3 minutes then added boiling water to the pan to cover the dumplings halfway then covered to steam for 10 minutes.  They came out perfectly.

We enjoyed these in bento boxes for dinner along with stir fried noodles and vegetables, inarizushi and dragon fruit grenata (so easy, find my recipe here!)  It was a nice and refreshing dinner and we had plenty of shumai left over for snacking on!

Dragon Fruit Grenata

This recipe is so uber quick and easy and adds just a little bit of pizzazz to dragon fruit.  It’s a great palate cleanser or dessert on a warm day.  Not to mention the fact the dragon fruit is packed with fiber and antioxidants!

Dragon Fruit Grenata

Serves 2

1 dragon fruit (sliced in half and fruit scooped out)  Save the skins intact!

agave nector or organic cane sugar to taste

1 tsp lime juice

1 tsp lime zest

extra lime zest, lime slice or mint leaf (optional)

1.  Put dragon fruit skin halves in freezer to serve grenata in.  This adds visual appeal as well as keeps the dessert cold while serving.

2.  Add all ingredients to food processor or blender.  Transfer mixture to bowl and put in freezer.

3.  Stir the dessert in the freezer every 30 minutes until an ice mixture forms and grenata is set.

4.  Transfer to fruit halves.  Garnish with extra lime zest, lime slice or mint leaf.  Enjoy!

Feeling inspired again!

I’m starting to feel inspired again to start back on the blog.  I have no real reason for ending things the way I did except for feeling overwhelmed to come up with ideas and I kinda got burned out.  I stopped into the Asian market yesterday and realized how much I missed the whole bento creation.  I plan on starting back soon, so if I do still have any followers I’d love to hear from you for motivation!  In the meantime, watch this space!