5 PointsPlus lunch


Yesterday was weigh-in day and I’m proud to say I lost another 3 pounds! I seem to have a good handle again on what I should and shouldn’t be eating.

Today’s lunch is my 5 PointPlus mega lunch! To make the flat-out chips just take one piece of flat-out light original wraps, spray with a mist of water and sprinkle with whatever seasonings you prefer (I like garlic powder), then pop in a 350 degree oven until crispy. So easy and great to dip into hummus!

Cucumber = 0PP
Carrots = 0PP
Cantaloupe = 0PP
Hummus = 2PP
Tomato with fat free cottage cheese = 1PP
Flat-out chips = 2PP
Total = 5PP !

This is an awesome power lunch, packed with 20+ grams of protein!

I’m also using my iPhone to post for the first time. Definitely not easier but nice that I have the option to do so.

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